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Tom Colicchio Loves Slim Jims

Top Chef top dog Tom Colicchio isn't a food snob at all. No, really. The Craft-y Colicchio recently sat down and dished with Family Circle Magazine (!) and revealed a few secrets that we've transcribed:

Items always in Tom's fridge: "Diet Coke [ed note: duh! He's a pitchman for the stuff], Fresca [ed note: duh! It's owned by Coca Cola], bacon and yogurt. And I love a good Slim Jim!"
On his passion for cooking: "While my mom alway said food is an expression of love, it was my dad who encouraged me to cook for a living."
On meeting his wife Lori: "I was a chef at Gramercy Tavern and she was a filmmaker working as a waitress. From that moment on, food was a big part of our relationship. I even proposed to her while we were standing in line for sandwiches at a deli."

Hang on a sec. Tom Colicchio stands in line?