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STK Miami, Overdue, Overdone or Over Before It Started?

They say STK Miami is not your daddy's steakhouse, but by the time it opens, it may be your granddaddy's steakhouse instead. Later than the OctoMom's period, The One Group's sexy, sizzling meatery was supposed to open in the Gansevoort South years ago—specifically, 2008-ish, when the hotel opened. When 2008 gave way to 2009, STK Miami was still under construction. Yawn.

Now we're hearing from excellent sources that the place may not be ready until—yep—2010. In fact, the restaurant apparently booked several events for Art Basel Miami Beach, December 3-6, and those were 86-ed. "A major event producer was planning several events at STK for Basel and they got nixed. He was scurrying to find other locations because the restaurant won't be ready by then," says our source. After all this, STK better be the most well-done steakhouse, and Lord knows there are many, in town.
· STK Miami [Official Site]

STK Miami

2377 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, FL