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Talavera Restaurant in Coral Gables

Phone: (305) 444-2955
Status: Opened Monday by the team behind Jaguar Ceviche restaurant in the Grove, Talavera Restaurant taps into its owners' Mexico City origins to bring much needed Mexican to Coral Gables. The menu is broken down into themes, but don't worry, it's not remotely EPCOT. Among them: La Marisqueria, covering an assortment of ceviches; Los Quesos Fundidos, Los Moles, Los Chiles Rellenos, and so on. The restaurant also sports a nifty huarache grill offering hand made corn masa with choices of grilled meats, vegetables and seafood rubbed with a mild guajillo chile powder. Because no restaurant in Miami is complete without signature cocktails, Talavera has those, too, but for health nuts, the homemade ice tea is made with anti-oxidant hibiscus and hamache flowers which have been known to relieve stress. That ice tea, of course, is always available as a mixer with your choice of Tequila and assorted spirits. Ole!
Additional Reading: Coral Gables Gazette, 10/20; Food For Thought, 10/15

Talavera Restaurant

2299 Ponce de Leon Blvd., Coral Gables, FL