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Ricky Williams Gives PROOF To Ocean Drive

Opening with a big, invitation-only party on Tuesday, November 17 is PROOF, the "hip new tasty, yet health conscious restaurant and lounge" co-owned by Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams and former NFL-player Rudi Johnson. Although there are no official pix of the place, a publicist tells Eater that "it will have a comfortable rich woods feel and a lot of TVs." We did get a preview of the yet to be finalized menu, and among the "California fresh cuisine" are dishes such as red snapper with lump crab meat, New York Strip (!!), BBQ pork ribs (!!!), something called a Rubenesque (!!!!) sandwich (which is really just a big way of saying Ruben), cornbread in a skillet (!!) and, what seems to be the only healthy fare on the menu, a vegetable platter (!). Oh yeah, and sushi, too. Sounds as confused and random as the celebrity "owners" of the football team for which William plays, but that seems to be working just fine so maybe the PROOF is in its identity crisis.
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1458 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach FL