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Lemon Twist, De Nouveau

Phone: 305-865-6465
When you're at Lemon Twist, you are not on 71st Street, but, rather the 71st arrondissement, an honorary offshoot of Paris's twenty neighborhoods. Or, you may be somewhere in Provence, depending on your inner GPS. Wherever you feel you may be, when you're here in this resurrected North Beach bistro, you are amongst friends. And family. Albeit mostly French speaking, but, mon dieu, what a welcome departure from the usual. Owned and operated by a husband and wife team, the cozy, chic Lemon Twist features a simple Mediterranean bistro fare with French accents featuring familiar faves such as French onion soup, escargot, and pates. Main courses include poached salmon, musssels in white wine marinade (which some already say are the best in town and judging by the smell and sounds emanating from the table next to us, we believe 'em), sea bass in parchment Provencale, steak tartare, pot roasted chicken, chicken paillard and crispy duck with oranges and glazed turnips. Desserts include creme brulee, bananas flambee, sorbets and a divine Fondant au Chocolat. Prices are very reasonable with entrees ranging from $14.50 to $23.50.

Eater was there on a busy Friday night and had the soup which was perfectly cheesy and oniony without being too sweet like the soup at SoFi's Au Pied de Cochon. We also had the filet of tilapia with garlic and lemon peel---a dish light enough for the bathing beauties on the Cote D'Azur, yet filling enough for any jumpy jet setter. Speaking of jet setters: those expecting a crazy bar scene and thumping soundtrack, French Twist is more Madeleine Peyroux then Mad and Spectral and if you ask every single table full of Frenchies and Francophiles what they think about that, the answer would be a unanimous "c'est tres bon."
·Lemon Twist Adding Some French Zest to North Beach [EaterMiami]

Lemon Twist

908 71st St.,Miami Beach FL