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King Kone Hand Rolls and Kone Express Sushi Restaurant

Telephone: 305-531-5464
Status: Hand rolls are the new waffle cones, or at least they are at this just opened small and sleek new Alton Road sushi spot, where food comes fast and portable. Although it may seem like something kitschy out of Tokyo, the idea actually hails from Brazil, where hand cones are as popular as thong bikinis. Choose from regular, special, mini or sweet cones with Nutella and, perhaps as an answer to those who come in expecting an ice cream shop, the menu also offers frozen yogurt in regular and green tea flavors. As for prices, each kone komes in sizes, so, for instance, a small spicy tuna kone will run you $6.25, while a larger rock shrimp kone is $9.75. To some, a small price to pay for such a neat, tidy and edible accessory. Though, come to think of it, how tidy can it be to lick masago out of a giant seaweed cone without getting it all over you? Apparently it doesn't matter, as this kone kraze is about to envelop South Beach in at least one more way. Also just opened: Kone Express Sushi Restaurant, another new portable sushi spot at 445 Espanola Way. [EaterWire]

King Kone Hand Rolls

1570 Alton Road