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Judge Rejects Philippe's Request to 86 Mr. Chow Lawsuit

Not in the mood to deal with this whole Mr. Chow business, Philippe asked the judge to dismiss the entire lawsuit which is sort of like asking a Mr. Chow waiter if you can order chicken satay, like the kind at Philippe. And late yesterday, the judge rejected Philippe's request with a resounding n to the o. Says Mr. Chow attorney Bert Fields,"We're pleased that the court has rejected the attempt of Philippe Restaurant to dismiss Mr. Chow's lawsuit. We will now proceed to trial as rapidly as we can. We want to show the public what these people have done. The suit has grown to include additional defendants and claims, including trademark infringement, deceptive and unfair trade practices, false advertising, misappropriation of trade secrets and more. We expect that the damages will exceed $10 million.” Game on![EaterWire]

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