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PIG%2520is%2520Good%2520Flyer%2520110509.jpgFor obvious reasons, pigs have become the Rodney Dangerfield of animals, garnering little respect first as the other white meat and now for a pesky flu that's transmitted by sloppy sneezers, not the defenseless creatures. Rallying around the much maligned porkers is Chef Jeremiah, who presents PIG---Pork Is Good, a casual, family friendly brunch BBQ featuring fab fare at reasonable prices from 3-8 p.m. Sunday, November 22 at American Legion outpost Harvey's By the Bay. There will also be a full bar serving cheap drinks and live music by Afrobeta, Elastic Bond, Uncle Scotchy and DJs Christian and Libran from Electric Porkchop. The only thing not Kosher about this whole thing is that it's free—unless you're one of those who insists on being the first to everything, in which case a VIP (Very Important Pig) pass is $35. [Eater Wire]

Harvey's By the Bay

NE 64th and 7th Ave., Miami FL