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RA Sushi's New Menu, Bracing for Beaujolais Nouveau

SOUTH MIAMI RA Sushi has unveiled a new menu that some say is the (sake) bomb, featuring tongue-in-cheek items like the RA'llipop—tuna, salmon, yellowtail, spicy tuna, lettus, asparagus, and cukes wrapped in Asian radish and served skewered ina garlic ponzu sauce; the Hot Mess—crispy rice balls topped with a spicy king crab mix, baked and finished with jalapeno and cilantro; and Spicy Rice Crispy Treats—soy paper hand rolls filled with crispy rice balls, spicy tuna, cukes, avocado, lettuce and sauteed nuts served with a soy chili sauce. Also new: small plates tapas menu, lunch specials, desserts and cocktails with kitschy names like Shiso Naughty, a strong-ass mix of vodka and liqueur, after a few of which, well, we don't blame her. [EaterWire]

SOUTH BEACH — Although South Beach types may be more interested in an event with Shia LaBoeuf than one with Les Vins George DuBoeuf, booze is booze, which is exactly what will be pouring at Au Pied de Cochon on Thursday, November 19 when the 2009 Beaujolais Nouveau is uncorked. The pomp and circumstance with a French accent will feature an unruly band of biker chefs and the Beaujolais Noveau Love Bus which we can only imagine as The Partridge Family meets Patsy and Edina. Although the noon "sip in" is by invitation only, the vino will be pouring to the public later that evening. [EaterWire]

RA Sushi

5829 SW 73rd St., Miami FL