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Eco and Female Friendly Lounge With Male Model Concierges? pinkroom Promises the World to South Beach

Opening in the near future at 737 Washington Avenue: pinkroom, South Beach's very first "eco and female friendly" nightlife destination featuring 4,000 square feet of pink-hued fabulousness designed by Wick Architecture, chic and green designers out of LA.

In addition to the obligatory VIP areas, pinkroom promises a special Female Concierge—a hot male beefcake who will be available to help remove, uh, stains from your clothing or to run out and get you a new pair of panty hose if need be. (Not that you'd ever be caught dead wearing panty hose in Miami, but you get the idea.) And giving you more reasons to imbibe: a portion of the lounge's profits will go to breast cancer charities. Pink, green, and charitable with models wiping Shiraz stains off your dress? Sounds like the ideal suitor, if but for one or several boozy nights of conscientious debauchery. [EaterWire]


737 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL