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Micah Edelstein New Executive Chef at Grass

Top Chef Miami contestant Micah Edelstein is the new execu-chef at Grass Restaurant & Lounge. After being booted from Season Three, the South African-born Edelstein traveled the world in between cultivating a thriving catering biz. Emerging from the culinary weeds that recently plagued the al fresco Design District hotspot is an edgy and clever new menu inspired by her globetrotting--particularly when she hiked through the Peruvian mountains and cooked in a sacred hut of sorts.

Global comfort food, if you will, with a focus on fresh, healthy, artisanal creations. "Whether you are trying bobotie for the first time or our reinvention of macaroni and cheese, there is a level of comfort I attempt to achieve with each dish," Edelstein says. "Mixing the familiar with the unfamiliar so the diner is drawn in, not ostracized from the dish."

Grass Restaurant & Lounge

28 NE 40th St., Miami FL