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Bacon, Not Stirred

140_x600_eat_fallcocktails_bacon.jpgMad mixologist Paul Sevigny has come up with some funky new cocktails at The Setai. First up, the Hickory Old Fashioned--bacon and sage infused Wild Turkey, honey syrup, orange bitter and topped with a flaming orange peel. Not in the mood for bacon-infused Bourbon? How about some smoked pork belly infused Jack Daniels with chile syrup, compressed watermelon, citrus and shiso, otherwise known as the Asian Picnic? Vegetarians may want to choose from meat-free beverages which are just as hearty. Cocktails at The Setai: they look like a drink and eat like a meal. And at $14-$20 a pop, they better be filling.

Setai Hotel

2001 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139 305 520 6000 Visit Website

The Setai

2001 Collins Ave., Miami Beach FL