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All Brakes Off on Miami Food Trucks

Food For Thought just put out a traffic report that's predicting a welcome, albeit minor, congestion of food trucks clogging our arteries both literally and figuratively. The first, as we know, is gastroPod Miami, and the second is Food Network star Ingrid Hoffmann's Latin Burger and Taco, cruising the 'hoods reportedly this weekend as well. And already racking up mileage albeit in a Scion instead of a truck is Feverish Ice Cream , which will be serving strawberry basil popsicles in honor of, yep, Art Basel. FFT says there are rumors of yet another Miami food truck gassing up soon enough and we believe it. Because when it comes to being on the forefront of things Miami may be trailing but when it catches up, it does so with rapid speed and multiplicity. [Food for Thought]
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