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Reality Bites

2009_12_jshoresmall.jpgWhile the popularity of MTV's reality show, Jersey Shore is undeniable these days, the show's cast is still having problems getting into the bars that actual famous people go to. Case in point: last week, after the NY Post reported that the show's crew was seen hanging out at NYC hotspot, the Eldrigde, the club's owner reponded to the paper noting "the cast of 'Jersey Shore' has never stepped foot into The Eldridge, ever. I am sure the cast members are great people, and they obviously enjoy their fist pumping, but they have never had the chance to fist pump, or ever will, at The Eldridge." Imagine what would have happened if some South Beach hot spots banned the cast of Miami Social? Maybe then there would have been a second season already. [NYP via Eater NY]