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Foodies and Experts Name Top Newcomers of 2009

As is the tradition at Eater, our closeout of the year is a survey of friends, industry types, bloggers, and readers. This year, we asked the group eight questions, from Meal of the Year to Top Standbys. All will be answered by the time we turn off the lights on Thursday. Responses are related in no particular order; all are cut, pasted and unedited herein:
Hakkasan, one of Miami's top newcomers of '09

Q: What are the top newcomers of 2009?
Victoria Pesce Elliott, restaurant critic/Miami Herald: Eos, Burger and Beer Joint, Soleá , Hakkasan, Essensia, Casale, Cheese Course
Lee Klein, restaurant critic/Miami New Times: Eos, Hakkasan, NAOE
Jonathan Wright, chef at The Setai's Restaurant and The Grill: Hakkasan
Michael Schwartz, chef/owner Michael's Genuine Food & Drink: BLT Steak
Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog, chef/owner gastroPod: gastroPod
Frodnesor, blogger Food for Thought: NAOE, Chef Kevin Cory and gastroPod, Chef Jeremiah Bullfrog
The Chowfather, blogger: This category appears to belong to NAOE, but I haven't been soooo, I go to the burger menu at Bourbon Steak. Or Pizzavolante.
Seth High, executive chef at da Campo Osteria by Todd English: In Fort Lauderdale, Steak954 and in Miami, [the recently closed] Au Pied de Cochon, because I just love brasserie fare.
Jacquelynn D. Powers, writer/foodie: Mr Chow as certainly taken over the mantle of most popular restaurant in town. I'm also a huge fan of Hakkasan. Without a doubt, the best neighborbhood dining emerged at the Burger and Beer Joint. Owner Buzzy Sklar blew away the competition with his tasty burgers, affordable prices, cozy atmosphere and cheerful hospitality.

Feel free to comment on your own faves and check back with this post frequently as we have a feeling some of the previously polled latecomers will be chiming in any minute now...