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gastroPOD Miami: Gutterly Gourmet

Here now, it's Good News/Bad News, a roundup of what the early goers to a brand-new restaurant have to say about the place. Chime in.

[Mango & Lime]
If you were out and about in Wynwood over the weekend, you may have seen the silver bullet known as gastroPod Miami truck by. And while it may have looked like just another Basel-related art installation, what it tasted like was a whole 'nother story.
The Good News:Burger Beast got its hands on much of the mobile menu and approved, saying the 'pod is "on their way to unleashing a whole bunch of aweseome stuff Miami's way." BB had the Old Dirty Dawg and while he didn't get any mustard, he didn't seem to miss it. "Did I mention the hot dog was short rib? Yeah, you need to get on this, it was way good." Then there was the Sloppy Jose. "I didn't find Jose too Sloppy but I did find him irresistable." How 'bout the burger? Did the beast howl with approval? "A burger stuffed with pork belly? Damn right and it was awesome (although some cheese couldn't hurt anyone." [Burger Beast]

The Good, Part II:Mango & Lime was impressed too. "What can I say? It's good to have something like this in Miami." While M&L didn't get to taste everything, "the Pork in My Sandy was tender and had a nice, rich smoky flavor. Maybe some slaw would have been a good addition to create some contrast to the smoky flavors of the pork." M&L also approved of hte Sloppy Jose, saying, "the brisket was good. Dressed simply with pickles on top, it was uncomplicated but satisfying." Although M&L didn't get to try the hot dog or the burger, they are "looking forward to tasting more once gastroPOD rolls out again. [Mango & Lime]