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All Hopped Up

dogfish.jpgBeer is the new champagne, or at least it is at Pacific Time on Thursday, December 17 at 8pm when the Dogfish Head Brewery's Ancient Ales Beer Dinner Tour stops there for a five-course extravaganza. All courses are paired with a different brew: salt-crusted calamari with sweet lemon chili and a Pangaea; coriander-seared grouper with curried bananas ad a Touch; duck confit with mu shu and pomegranate and a Sah'tea; Indochine beef in shiitake sauce with a Theobroma; and last but not least, sauterne Jell-o with drunken grapes chateau and a Jiahu. Did someone say drunken? Cost is $75 in advance and $85 for walk-ins. Call 305-722-7369 to reserve your spot.