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Buena Vista Bistro, Hakkasan, NAOE and Burgers, Lots of 'Em!

Like A-Rod and Tiger Woods, dedicated eaters sure do get around. The following is a tidy compliation of what the eaters are blogging about right now.
·Food for Thought's Frodnesor finally checked out Buena Vista Bistro. Verdict? Comme ci comme ça. [FFT]
· ER Gagit, a fan of Tropical Chinese, did the Dim Sum at Hakkasan. Verdict? Still a fan of Tropical, but says Hakkasan "is another experience." []
·Burger Beast checked out hospital-themed Heart Stoppers Sports Grill in Delray Beach and lived to tell about it. Verdict? "It was good, better than good." [BB]
·The Chowfather went on his own burger binge, stopping at Le Tub, Quickies, Latin Burger and Taco Truck and Charm City Burgers. Verdict? Mixed, but when it comes to a few marveled over meat patties, "Don't believe the hype!" [The Chowfather]
·And last but not least, NAOE takes the number one spot on Miami's Restaurant Power Rankings. [MRPR]


4441 Collins Avenue, , FL 33140 (877) 326-7412 Visit Website

Tropical Chinese Restaurant

7991 Bird Road, , FL 33155 (305) 262-7576 Visit Website


661 Brickell Key Drive, , FL 33131 (305) 947-6263 Visit Website

Buena Vista Bistro

4582 NE 2 Avenue, Miami, FL 33137 (305) 456-5909 Visit Website