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Bloggers, Yelpers Weigh In On Bliss Burger Bistro & Lounge

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Because burger joints are South Beach's new steakhouse, sushi and Italian restaurants, the Kardashians of eating establishments, and, well, you get the picture, it was no surprise that one opened in the South of Fifth space formerly known as Cafe Maurice. But does Bliss Burger Bistro & Lounge stand up to its name--and prices? Should the reigning Burger & Beer Joint be worried, or is Bliss just another ordinary passenger on the patty wagon currently cruising through the 3319? Hear what the bloggers had to say and decide for yourselves.

The Blissful News: One self professed foodie Yelper says "the burgers are outrageous. The burger will never be the same. My favorite? Turkey burger (seriously) with the Bliss or 26 close behind." [Yelp]

The Good News: One Yelper said the burgers were excellent and worth their hefty price tags. " The menu items can get pricey.... ($18+) for the Truffle Burger, $9 for my burger, but considering the demonstrative quality of the food, well worth the price." That said, it didn't rate 5 stars because "despite their perfect seasoning," the fries "were a little limp."[Yelp]

The Bad News: Another Yelper, who did praise the homemade pickles and ketchup, onion rings and the beef brisket, said the cons were "under-seasoned burgers, improperly cooked burgers (my medium rare was cooked more than Ashu's medium), very slow service (only one waiter for the whole place?! poor guy!), inconsistent music (house when we walked in, then jazz?), limp fries." [Yelp]

The Meh News: "A solid burger, nothing special," and "eh" at best, said another Yelper, who added, "After eating here and at 8oz, I'm a little wary of these new burger joints. I think I'd rather stay at home and make my own." [Yelp]

The Burger Beast: While the beast didn't exactly roar over Bliss, giving its two signature burgers, The Twenty Six and Truffle Bliss two and a half out of five stars, BB did praise the fries and the mustard. The Bacon Fingers, not so much. "When we read House Curd Bacon Fingers on the menu we thought we might be receiving some new bacon concoction. They were strips of perfectly cooked bacon but nothing out of this world. The Maple Honey Mustard sauce served with the 'fingers' was pretty outstanding though." As for the burgers, the Twenty Six "had some amazing flavors from it but none coming from the patty itself. The 26 hour braised beef short rib that topped the burger was so great, it should be its own sandwich." All in all, "I was hoping to be blown away by Burger Bliss but I wasn't. If I were you I'd stick with Burger & Beer Joint." [Burger Beast]

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Bliss Burger Bistro & Lounge

419 Washingon Ave., Miami Beach FL