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Nikki Beach's New Globally Inspired Menu

The recipient of a much needed scrubbing, Nikki Beach recently debuted its spruced up look and new menu, "influenced by Nikki Beach's properties around the world" and executed by executive chef Gerry Gnassi, formerly of Barton G. The Restaurant. We checked it out and can attest to the fact that the menu, like the soundtrack (we're still recovering from the live saxophonist playing over a song from Grease) , is all over the place, from pizza and sushi to pork belly, foie gras, caviar and pasta. And that's just the first leg of the journey. Taking a cue from steakhouses, all fresh seafood selections available that day are brought out on a monstrous wooden plank before you order, including behemoth Australian lobster tail, prawns, 11-lb. lobsters, branzino and assorted catches of the day. Among Gnassi's signature dishes: Chateaubriand for two and a magret of duck breast. Not exactly light fare for a beachfront venue known for well oiled bathing beauties basking in the sun. But there's the rub. Nikki is ready to be taken seriously as a world class dining destination, albeit one with a good tan.[EaterWire]
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Nikki Beach

1 Ocean Drive