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2874_199331875144_178829565144_6728063_2730577_n.jpgThis is old news for Michael's Genuine Food & Drink disciples and groupies, but for the rest, the beloved, praised and worshipped Design District restaurant is opening a second location in the Town of Camana Bay on Grand Cayman. Also opening there: Cindy Hutson's Ortanique. Books & Books is already there. It's a mini Miami in the Caribbean--albeit one with a restaurant by Eric Ripert. But, really, why there and not, say, Fort Lauderdale? "I've been very careful in choosing the next step since MIchael's Genuine opened almost three years ago," Michael Schwartz says, " and wanted to proceed cautiously to make certainthat we could still provide the same quality experience in more than one restaurant. Camana Bay proved to be an irresistible location, and I'm confident that we'll be able to replicate the dining experience that has proven to be so successful and enjoyable in Miami." Plus, it's so much easier to get to the Caymans than Fort Lauderdale or pretty much anywhere else in South Florida. And that banking thing can't hurt either. [EaterWire]