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Tasting the Grand Tasting

Erstwhile and intrepid Eater Miami correspondent Jackie Sayet has traveled to Gotham with the Michael's Genuine Food & Drink team and is embedded with the troops at the NYC Wine and Food Festival. Tough gig, we know. In this post she investigates the main event: the Grand Tasting. After the team wrapped up prep for Sunday's brunch at Norwood Club in Chelsea, I painted the tasting tents a bright shade of Food Network orange with Michael and Tamara Schwartz. When one navigates a pier full of food and drink, it helps to have a chef around. A few things got Michael's stamp of approval.
* Roasted Octopus, Lemon, and Green Olives from Kefi's Michael Psilakis. Pretty much in a class by itself.
* Half Sours from Brookyln Brine. Who cares about presentation with pickles this good. Could have eaten the whole hotel pan.
* Cheval Noir Gran Vin 2008 Saint-Emilion from Shaw-Ross International Importers. These guys also get best dressed, too.
* Merguez from American Lamb Board. Chips of cured lamb sausage were on-point. Great texture and taste.
* Flowers Sonoma Coast 2008 Chardonnay from Huneeus Vintners. Perfect on a cool day.