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The Other Crab Meat

petercrabred.jpgWhen it comes to your health, stone crabs may be the only crabs you should ever have, but when it comes to fine dining, the stoners aren't the only game in town. Take Red, The Steakhouse, for instance, which just started serving Alaskan King Crab, flown in fresh daily and on the menu for the rest of the year. In fact, Red is the only steakhouse in South Beach where you can order an entire six-foot long gigantosaurus of AKC, serving up to 10 people. The crab is served several ways, from steamed with butter or in a cocktail or bisque. Price: approximately $59 for 1/2 pound. The six footer? Market price, but we're sure it's somewhere up in the LeBronosphere. [EaterWire]