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Hints & Allegations

norm.jpegAccording to an Eater tipster, there seems to have been a major mutiny at Norman's 180 last night. "Norman was fired from his own restaurant," says our deep throat. Wha-wha-whaat? "Yup. He was asked not to come back. His son is leaving and the kitchen is up in arms." Even the cooks were seen packing their knives and assorted personal items and leaving. As to why the Van Akens were asked to leave, tipster isn't sure. But the investors of the restaurant clearly are, says our source. Around 10 p.m. last night, the elder Van Aken Tweeted "It is good to be in Key West after a long project." Hmmm. We contacted the Norman folk and are waiting for official word. Stay tuned for details. [EaterWire]