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Driver's Ed: Students Hone Skills on Jefe's Original Fish Tacos and Burgers Truck

Staging at El Bulli? Maybe one day. Classroom? Yawn. How about testing your toque-itude on a food truck instead? That's exactly what Johnson & Wales University's Food Service Management class will be doing on October 26 as part of their Food Truck Restaurant Experience assignment. Students will be prepping and serving meals on Jefe's Original Fish Tacos and Burgers Truck, which will docked at the school's North Miami campus, for a select audience of invited guests and media.

On the menu: “The Fin,” a crispy battered fish taco with pickled red cabbage, jalepenos, queso fresco and a specialty roasted tomatillo crema, “The Piggy”, featuring shredded pork stacked with mama jamma corn, guacamole and a jicama, red onion slaw plus the “La Falda” steak taco, an Ahi Tuna taco and a chicken taco salad. And guacamole prepared tableside, because at this food truck fete, there will be tables.

Not invited? Don't fret. If enough students pass this assignment, Miami's traffic situation is about to get a whole lot worse. Or better, if you're hungry. [EaterMiami]

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