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Welcome Eater Chicago and Eater Austin to the Dancefloor

eater-logo-260.pngIt's a pleasure to announce new members in the Eater universe: Please say hello to Eater Chicago and Eater Austin! They join the stable of Eater websites — Eater National, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Miami. Chicago and Austin will, of course, serve as the go-to sites for the extensive coverage of the restaurant, nightlife, and bar scene coverage of which Eater is known for.

Eater Chicago is headed by Ari Bendersky, previously of UR Chicago. Eater Austin is headed by Paula Forbes, a name you might recognize as she has been Eater National's Associate Editor since June. But fear not! She will be staying on with National, splitting her time between the two sites.

In addition! Say hello to the launches of sister sites Racked and Curbed in the fair city of Chicago: Curbed Chicago and Racked Chicago, your new stop, respectively, for all things real estate and all things shopping.