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JD-portrait-color.jpgSome people took issue with chef John DeLucie's explanation to the Wall Street Journal that the food at the soon to open The Royal at the Raleigh Hotel will be "Very similar to the food in New York, which will be very different from the food in Miami." We had coffee with DeLucie today and he clarified, saying that with The Royal comes down home, American-style-fare to the Italian/Steakhouse/Asian-saturated South Beach. "I've been visiting Miami for as long as I can remember," DeLucie told us. "I am thrilled to open The Royal at The Raleigh and to be in the company of some great chefs and restaurateurs. Myles Chefetz, Daniel Boulud, Scott Conant and Chris Lee are doing great work down here, among many others---and the weather isn't bad either." [EaterWire]

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