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2.5 Stars for Crazy About You (Yes, It's A Restaurant)

The folks responsible for Dolores But You Can Call Me Lolita have done it again, using another kooky name for a restaurant--Crazy About You, reviewed this week by Victoria Pesce Elliott, who isn't all that crazy about the place, but likes it enough to give it 2.5 stars. She gives props to the owners, who "seem to have figured out that the Miami formula for success involves a gorgeous setting, low prices, big portions, a casual setting, friendly staff, good-enough food and a sense of humor."

The menu is "every-so-gently fusioned" and "uncomplicated, if a bit unfocused" with a general theme of "Italian with Caribbean and Asian accents." VPE liked the "bar-snacky appetizers," the salads, lentil soup, "creamy ham croquettes," cod empanadas, "carb-less bolognese," more cod, and several other dishes. She wasn't too thrilled with the "nice, but overzealous servers that crowd diners," and the "insipid eggplant cylinders doted with mozarella, pesto and a watery marinera." Bottom line? "A night on the town for less than the cost of an entree at some South Beach eateries makes it easy to fall head over heels at this recession-busting senorita." []

Crazy About You

1155 Brickell Bay Drive, , FL 33131 (305) 377-4442 Visit Website

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