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Top Notch Tapas at Xixón

Lee Klein's back and this week he takes on Xixón, which he says is "just like being in Spain." Mostly because "Spanish is the only language you're likely to hear," but also "by way of the authentic fare." The newly expanded space, Klein says, "is perfect for the tapas experience," an "epicurean epicenter." The food? Klein "sampled one simple, impeccably prepared tapa after another" though he was "less impressed" with the seam bream because the "the fish was not as fresh as the other seafoods" and the veggies were "limp." Regardless, "Xixón's chef, Jon Gonzalez, and his kitchen crew show such a deft touch with the tapas that it would be surprising if some of the main courses we didn't try weren't a whole lot better than the ones we did." But "tapas here are too good to skip in order to save room for entrees." [MNT]