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You Heard It Here First: Waverly Inn/The Lion king John DeLucie Moving Into The Raleigh

As we told you back in October, yep, it's true, chef/restaurateur John DeLucie (Waverly Inn, The Lion) is indeed setting up shop at The Raleigh, but not as temporarily as we thought. DeLucie is taking over as executive chef and proprietor at the Royal, the much anticipated restaurant that hotel has been teasing us with for some time.

"It's just a lovely, lovely hotel with a really, really nice outdoor space," DeLucie told the Wall Street Journal. "It's the most gorgeous pool in Miami. The hotel is 70 years old. I like things that are old. The Lion is old. For Miami standards, it's pretty old." Besides the decor, which will feature new colors, tables, chairs and a new bar (beach chic, according to DeLucie), the food will be, says chef, "Very similar to the food in New York, which will be very different from the food in Miami." Opening is expected for November 30. Stay tuned. [WSJ]