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Las Vacas Gordas: Still Fat, But Sleek

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If you read the supermarket rags or watch Maury, you'll know it's no longer necessary to wait until your 16th birthday for a nose job or nip/tuck. Same goes for restaurants, which is why Las Vacas Gordas made like its meat and went under the knife, not for lipo, of course, but for a chic 18-month makeover to include banquet seating dolled up in black and white cowhide, custom crafted black walnut tables with stainless steel accents, exposed piping and an open kitchen. As for the menu? It stays the same and lives up to its translation as The Fat Cows. These cows are still fat, but they're also now---forgive the retro slang---phat. [EaterWire]
Las Vacas Gordas Website

Las Vacas Gordas

933 Normandy Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33141 305-867-1717

Las Vacas Gordas

933 Normandy Drive, Miami Beach FL