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Six Degrees of Arzak

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juan_mari_arzak.jpgThe evolution of a rare South Beach Wine & Food Festival appearance by Juan Mari Arzak is an interesting one and involves China Grill, no less. Turns out, Arzak is bff with Terry Zarikian, director of product development for China Grill Management. In fact, Arzak even helped organize Zarikian's San Sebastian wedding reception two years ago. When Zarikian was at Arzak's restaurant a few weeks ago, he suggested Arzak come check out the 'fest. Last Thursday, Arzak bit and said he'd be here. Stalker alert: Arzak will be attending Dim Sum & Disco with Ming Tsai Saturday, February 27 and, later that night, the Haute Holistic dinner at Eos. Also reported to be rolling with Arzak's entourage: Damian Garcia Puig, Ferran Adrià's biz partner and director of media who, we're told "is looking for rest after the stressful days after Ferran dropped the El Bulli bomb." [EaterWire]