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Hints & Allegations #SBWFF Edition

migoya.jpgNot everyone was in love with the Kitchen Aid dinner at Tap Tap last night, featuring an unprecedented mix of chefs---Morimoto, Boulud, Wessel, Garces, hello--cooking to benefit Haitian relief efforts. Seems that former Wachovia Bank president turned Miami city manager Carlos Migoya just didn't think it was up to his standards. Says our snitch, "He left in a huff because he didn't like his seat. He thought the place wasn't his 'quality'. He was a real primadonna. When he left, he had a snarl on his face." This morning, Migoya was all smiles as he was sworn in to his new position at 10 am, taking his seat, according to the Miami Herald, at "the south end of the dais next to City Attorney Julie Bru." [EaterWire]