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Burger Bash in Pictures: Symon Tops Flay as Peoples' Choice

It took over 7,500 pounds of 10 varieties of ground meat to create 48,600 portions of 27 hamburgers at last night's Burger Bash. Throw in 7,000 Amstel Lights, 1.5 tons of potatoes and 400 lbs of smoked bacon and you can imagine what people feel like this morning. Feeling elated today are the winners, as follows: Best Dressed Burger: Morimoto's Pork "Kakuni" Burger topped with the Prada of the culinary world--pork belly; Best Side Dish With Idaho Potatoes: The Standard Miami's homemade tater tots; Allen Brothers Golden Grill Award: Michael's Genuine Food & Drink's Michael's Genuine Bacon Cheeseburger with house smoked bacon, white cheddar, heirloom tomato, and local lettuce on a brioche bun; and, after 2400 voting chips were cast and counted, the Peoples' Choice went to Michael Symon's B Spot Fat Doug burger with swiss, pastrami and coleslaw. Runner up: fellow Iron Chef Bobby Flay's Bobby's Burger Palace's Dallas Burger Crunchified, a spice crusted burger with coleslaw, Monterey Jack, BBQ sauce and pickles.
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