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When Food and Fashion Collide

Barneys%2BNew%2BYork%2BHoliday%2BWindow%2BSidewalk%2BBash%2B1Bh8IHTAoONl.jpgFor a window into the world of Lee Schrager, check out Barneys New York's windows this holiday season. No, Schrager won't be playing human mannequin or anything, but he has just met with Barneys creative director Simon Doonan, who has chosen Have a Foodie Holiday as the theme for this year's windows. Schrager will remain in front of the windows and behind the scenes, helping to put it all together. As for what to expect behind those windows? Who knows, but whatever it is will probably call for some more meat on the mannequins' bones if Schrager and his Food Network pals have anything to do with it. Couture-clad models macking down on Paula Deen's fried chicken? Bobby Flay's burgers? Sandra Lee's egg nog? Eating as fashion and vice versa. Brilliant. What will Anna Wintour have to say about it? A window into the soul is, after all, through one's stomach. In this case, a well dressed stomach. We can't wait to see this. [EaterWire]