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Ciao Down

baroloout.jpegAfter a not-so-hot review from the Herald's Victoria Pesce Elliott, Barolo chef Lindsay Warshaw is outta there. And it had nothing to do with the review, she says. Warshaw contacted Eater, saying, "I have left Barolo. I did what I agreed to do. They will be making lots of changes." As for what's next for the Gordon Ramsay alum? "I will be going somewhere in the Grove. And my sticky toffee pudding will be on that menu." Hmmm, The Ivy at the Grove, perhaps? Possibly as a consultant, yes. "I don't' want to be a head chef, I want to consult," she told us. "Maybe it's the wrong decision, but that's the decision I made. I'm also getting involved with a hydroponic farm." Where, what, when? Stay tuned. [EaterWire]