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Over the County Line: New York Strip Steakhouse & Cabaret

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Although we don't usually cover restaurants over the county lines, this one was an exception because, of course, there is a Miami connection. Created by Dennis DeGori, who has either owned or operated a very long list of "nightclubs" including Scores Las Vegas, Stringfellows Pure Platinum NYC, Solid Gold Fort Lauderdale, and Solid Gold in Miami, New York Strip Steakhouse & Cabaret aspires to prove that people really do go to strip clubs for the food. At least this 17,000 square foot Pompano Beach one, anyway. Running the kitchen is Johnny "Capri" Rovito, owner of Chicago's Capri Ristorante. Says DeGori, "New York Strip Steakhouse & Cabaret is an elegant club that not only celebrates the beauty and sensuality of women, but also offers the world's best steaks and Italian fare." Speaking of that, uh, fare, all credit card charges will appear as "Pompano Isle F&B, LLC". The steaks, it's about the steaks. We know. [EaterWire]
Official New York Strip Steakhouse & Cababaret Website

New York Strip Steakhouse & Cabaret

1350 SW 2nd St., Pompano Beach FL