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This Ain't No Disco

smartbites.jpgSomething healthy is emerging from a South Beach nightclub and it has nothing to do with mixing Vitamin Water and vodka. Although it seems so very oxymoronic, William Ltaif has been using the kitchen at Play Nightclub on 5th Street to prepare meals for Smart Bites, a home delivery, pre-packaged meal plan whose subscribers include everyone from Star Island socialites and celebrities to NFL players like Kellen Winslow. Meals include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks all designed by an in-house nutritionist. Cost is $25 a day for women, who get 3 meals and two snacks a day, and $30 for men, who get 4 meals and one snack a day--a lot cheaper than an overpriced bottle of Absolut and, in some cases, less than the price of the club's admission. As for why Ltaif cooks in a club galley, we're told it's a very nice kitchen and it's centralized for his customer base. And he's always on the guest list. [EaterWire]