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Michael's Genuine Mitzvah

Michael_Schwartz_normal.jpgMichael Schwartz is a busy chef. In addition to his recent James Beard nomination, a restaurant in Grand Cayman, a food cart and his always bustling Design District outpost, he has just partnered with the Wholesome Wave Foundation, an organization created to make locally grown, healthy and sustainable foods available to everyone, and the Human Services Coalition to allow food stamp users to purchase two for one fruits and vegetables at a special farmer's market in Overtown Wednesdays from 1pm to 4pm. “Supporting our local growers has always been a priority of ours at the restaurant, but locally-grown, fresh foods shouldn’t just be for people that can afford to dine out,’’ said Schwartz. “I’m really excited that this program will both increase access to fresh fruits and vegetables in the parts of our community that need it most, and serve as an economic stimulus for local agriculture. It’s a win, win.” [EaterWire]