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The Forge Restaurant I Wine Bar Debuts Next Week

Telephone: 305-538-8533
Status: After almost a year of renovations, rumors and revamps, The Forge, or, rather, The Forge Restaurant I Wine Bar, is finally reopening on Wednesday, March 31. And although the stalwart, 40-year-old Miami Beach landmark is opening on a day which used to be its most popular, when nubile models, bedazzled beauties and assorted celebrities mixed with creaky octogenarians over Super Steaks consumed well past midnight amidst a sonic boom of disco, there's nothing remotely old Forge about the new Forge. Even the restaurant's staunchest disciples likely had a nip/tuck here and there during the restaurant's absence from the scene. And like them, The Forge is ready for its close up. Say goodbye to that whole Dynasty meets 90210 vibe and say hello to the Kardashians, maybe The City, but by no means Jersey Shore. Ok, well maybe just a tad. The scripted reality that is the new Forge, featuring Dewey LoSasso in the kitchen, has already begun taking reservations.
The Forge on Eater Miami

As for the restaurant's new look, it's modern with earthy elements and like many in Miami, the dark woods have gone blond. There are still some remnants of old school Forge, including some stained glass, main dining room chandelier, large brick wall and oversized mirror. But what used to be the bar is now an extension of the main dining room and the (oxymoron alert) old Nouveau Room and the Dome Room are now one, huge 30-person rectangular bar/table. The former Wine Dining Room is now a large 12-person table with oversized tufted chairs and enclosed by glass doors.

A sneak peak at the menu shows that while some of the signature dishes of dinners past remain---the aforementioned Super Steak and the U2 Shrimp are still there---there are also lots of new dishes a la LoSasso. Among them: Lobster Peanut Butter & Jelly (toasted brioche, chopped fresh peanuts, onion marmalade, diced chilled lobster), “Burger and Bordeaux” (grilled Angus sirloin burger topped with boneless short ribs and lobster marmalade, truffle French fries, pomegranate ketchup, served with a tasting of Bordeaux), and Grilled Whole Branzino (wild mushroom/miso broth). Also new: an 80-bottle, wine-by-the-glass Enomatic System allowing the option to sample a variety of vintages from the restaurant’s extensive cellar collection. We're sure a variety of vintages of Forge diners will appreciate that, too. [EaterWire]

The Forge

432 West 41st Street, , FL 33140 (305) 538-8533 Visit Website

The Forge Restaurant I Wine Bar

432 W. 41st St., Miami Beach FL