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Casting Calls

casting.jpegIf you watch Celebrity Apprentice, you'll know that food is hot right now, which explains Michael Johnson's inexplicable choice of making chef Curtis Stone the face of the Norton/LifeLock advertorial campaign. Anyway, the folks responsible for casting such TV gems as Jersey Shore, Design Star, and Millionaire Matchmaker have put out an APB for those looking to be the next big thing in food--TV, that is.

Show one is looking for dynamic duos who are a cut above all the rest in personality, talent and food expertise for the ultimate buddy food tasting road trip. Duos can be cousins, friends, rivals, whatever, but above all else the two must be charismatic, have a background in the food industry and have adventures outgoing personalities.

Show two is looking for bold individuals who have all the right ingredients! We are looking for funny, adventurous, larger-than-life personalities with a passion for food, especially eating and are always up for the challenge of trying the newest, biggest, spiciest culinary curiosities on the planet.

Both shows require larger than life, outgoing personalities with a sizzling passion for all things culinary a smoking food vocabulary, and the ability to host, star and represent the network. For those interested in applying, click here.