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Chef Allen's Taste Gastropub Debuts in Delray April 1

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Telephone: 877-418-2783
Status: Florida Table reports that Chef Allen Susser will debut Taste Gastropub in Delray Beach on April 1. This, coming after Mark Militello's speedy exit from the neighboring gastropub The Office, which, incidentally, has some new chefs. Susser's retro-urban spot will feature, what else, small plates ($10-$12), and larger plates for sharing. As for what will be on those plates: oysters with carbonated cucumber gazpacho, jerk chicken lollipops with mango barbecue sauce, peekytoe crab and Kobe beef sliders, Korean-style spareribs and Julia Child’s beef bourguignon. [FT; CPC]
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Taste Gastropub

169 NE 2nd Ave., Delray Beach FL