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Brunch Basket Cases Can Rest Easy at Picnic (We Think)

pic.jpgStatus: Although it's been open since March--sort of--Sunset Harbor brunch/comfort food spot Picnic "officially opened" last weekend. According to its website, it is "a European style bistro where you can get a fabulous pastry with your cup of roasted Italian coffee, or watch a movie with a big bowl of comfort." Though the hours are still dodgy---Thrillist said the place was open from 5am to 3am daily--Picnic's Facebook page lists the hours as 11am-midnight Tuesday through Thursday, 11am-3am Friday and Saturday and Sunday 11am-8pm. The menu has everything from PB&J, Sloppy Joe's, grilled cheese, fried bologna (!) and a "Baconnaise Sammie of the Day, to deep fried Oreos and an all day brunch with such intriguing items as "Country Breakfast Hangover Bowl" and banana stuffed French toast. For the skeptics who wonder if the place will stick around longer than your hangover, Lee Klein posted a sneak preview of his upcoming review. In the meantime we'll just have to wait and see. [EaterWire]
Official Picnic Website
Thrillist's February Post on Picnic
Feast's Opening Announcement from Last Weekend


1400 20th St., Miami Beach FL