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This Picnic's Kinda Crummy

Lee Klein says Picnic "has serious shortcomings that have nothing to do with the space and everything to do with the thinking." The brunch-all-day concept "seems like a tough sell right off the bat," and the ambience, complete with "giant projection TV screen surrounded by a wide frame of plastic green grass," didn't impress Klein who said, "That's not exactly my idea of a picnic in the park." Thumping club music "thankfully not played too loudly" wasn't exactly an "idea soundtrack for an 11:15 Saturday-morning breakfast." Speaking of breakfast, "Eggs Benedict arrived with undercooked eggs, cold tater tots and no hollandaise sauce." Biscuits, however, were "fresh and flaky." Coffee was "deliciously robust," though, and "costs only a buck." But "dinner was no less dysfunctional." Chicken wings were "meaty, moist and coated with a mildly piquant sweet/sour sauce," and the burger was "solid," but the fries were "of the frozen sort," and the fish and chips were "oily filets of fried tilapia." Deep fried Oreos were "not bad if you like fried cookies," but the standout at dinner, it seems, was that coffee again, which "at dinner was $2--still worth it, but double what the menu lists." Service snafus stood out the most, but, Klein writes, "The path to this erratic eatery was probably paved with good intentions. Still, restaurants as clueless as Picnic are tough to find." [MNT]
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