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BIO%20FOTO%20BLUE%20SHIRT%20AND%20SKY.jpgShort Order got a preview of the menu at Norman's 180, the much anticipated follow up to the long gone, much lamented Norman's by mango gangster Norman Van Aken expected to open at the end of the month. Not quite doing a 180, Van Aken sticks to his New World roots with dishes such as ceviche of Gulf shrimp and octopus with grilled pineapple and steamed Manila clams with kabocha pot stickers, speckled soy butter and melon. He also sticks close to home with "Homestead corn served Mexican style." And then there's fried chicken with collard greens, burgers, pizza, pate and pho, too. Sounds more like Norman's 360, but the only number that will matter when it opens is the reservations number. Stay tuned. [SO]