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Ex China Grill Sous Chef Opening Chinese in Surfside

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Joshua Marcus is opening Chowdown Grill, a Chinese restaurant in Surfside. He's not a former Top Chef contestant or a scion of a deep pocketed restaurant conglomerate owner. He is, however, the former executive sous chef at China Grill and, more recently, at BLT Steak. He was also general manager of La Sandwicherie. The guy's got experience, but, unfortunately, he tells Eater, "Very little money, no PR or marketing person." Marcus describes himself as "Truly a David in the Miami world of Goliath restaurants." That said, the idea behind Chowdown Grill is "seasonal, fresh vegetables instead of canned. Sourced, quality proteins instead of 'what piece of the cow/chicken is this?'" Expect hand rolled, fresh dumplings, Asian-style sandwiches (Banh Mi), and, says Marcus, "the overall theme is value." Expected opening is sometime in May, but for those who want to track the restaurant's progress and Marcus's pre-opening experience, check out his musings here. [EaterWire]

Chowdown Grill

9517 Harding Ave., Surfside FL