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pinkroom: Clubland's New Black?

Telephone: 305-799-4322
Status: After aspiring to open back in January, pinkroom got a South Beach reality check and is finally ready to reveal itself when it opens to the public tomorrow night, May 7. The self professed "world's first socially responsible and eco lounge" has shied away from the whole 'male model concierge' gimmick they originally threw out there back in November and instead is focusing on, well, all things pink, really. Among the rosy-hued cocktails: the Pink Cosmopolitan, a concoction of Absolut Citron, cranberry juice, triple sec and fresh lime juice; Passion Fruit Lemonade, a mix of Skyy Pineapple, X Rated fusion liquor and simple syrup. And if ever there was a reason to booze it up despite the litany of confusing, oft-contradictory medical advisories, pinkroom is the first lounge ever to partner with Susan Komen For The Cure in which a rotating "Pink Drink With A Cause" will be featured, from which half the price will go to breast cancer research and awareness. The lounge also offers the requisite bottle service that comes with mini-trays of chocolate covered strawberries, fresh flowers and bubbly. [EaterWire]
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739 Washington Ave., Miami Beach FL