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And Now It's Closed: The Ivy at the Grove

The Ivy at the Grove is no more. Our source tells us the closing has something to do with ownership of the actual building. Apparently the restaurant's owners had intended to buy the place, but the deal with its original owner, John El-Masry, who owns the neighboring Mr. Moe's, fell through. "I think they have the cash, but they want a better deal," says our source. "It's going to the bank in June but I think they wanted that better deal now." Another source tells us that the reason the Ivy needed that better deal involves a rumor alleging that "one of the owners may have blown over $15,000 in company money at a strip club." Research, perhaps? Who knows, but a strip club may be the only thing that works in that space anyway. [EaterWire]
The Ivy at the Grove on Eater Miami

The Ivy at the Grove

3159 Commodore Plaza, Coconut Grove FL