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Top Cheffage

TC.jpgIn the Miami Herald article Sunday about Top Chef contestant/Talula chef-owner/The Water Club chef/caterer/mom Andrea Curto-Randazzo, it is mentioned that the taping of the 7th season of the Bravo show "Kept her in Washington, D.C., for five weeks." Some folks have sniffed that the line was a big spoiler and that it proves Curto-Randazzo was eliminated. Not so. According to the show's official rules and regulations, "You must be available to film the show for five weeks or longer." That said, one of our sources told us he was asked to clear three months of his schedule to participate in the show. Not even Top Chef judge Michelle Bernstein would offer any hints to Short Order about it. So, hmm, we guess we'll just have to watch what happens. [EaterWire]