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Honing Your Chopsticks* at Surfside's Chowdown Grill

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Just a fetus on the Miami dining scene and Surfside's Chowdown Grill, opened on a budget by a former executive sous chef at China Grill and BLT Steak, is already creating quite the buzz. Owner Josh Marcus, a self professed "David in the Miami world of Goliath restaurants," has come on to the scene strong with seasonal, fresh vegetables, sourced, quality proteins, hand rolled, fresh dumplings and Asian-style sandwiches. *Incidentally, chopsticks are like canned goods at Chowdown; in other words, absent. Marcus tells us "I don't use chopsticks because of the bacteria that is carried in the wood, not to mention the clear cutting of forest for some sticks you use once and throw away!" That's what we call conscientious Chinese. [EaterWire]
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Chowdown Grill

9517 Harding Ave., Surfside FL